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Armstrong Arboretum – 11 July 2015

Last year we paid a visit to Norman Armstrong’s arboretum (see report in the “Photo Album” section) and quite enjoyed both the vast variety of trees and his enthusiasm to talk about them. At that time he mentioned that we should come back this year a bit earlier in the season so as to catch the Tulip Tree in bloom. We, a group of 10 of us, did just that on July 11th and were not disappointed. Though there are many interesting trees, both indigenous to our region and from as far away as Asia, the Tulip Tree stole the show. It’s blossom is nothing less then amazing, as you can see from the photograph, and one couldn’t help but be impressed.

At the end of the 45 minute tour Mr. Armstrong suggested we come back next year, but a bit earlier in the season, to catch the Azaleas and some Magnolias in bloom. We’ll be sure to do that.

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